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The Autumn Creek Disaster

The Autumn Creek Disaster

This is our long list of complains for Autumn Creek Apartments, If you or anyone you know is having trouble here at this complex too please contact a lawyer for legal assistance as well please leave a brief description in our guestbook area. Thank you all and God Bless.

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To Whom It May Concern:

            This letter is to detail the many complaints that we have had with our current apartment complex over the past two months that we have lived there, and we feel have gone un-heard way too long. Our current apartment complex Autumn Creek Apartments located at 1320 N. McQueen Rd. In Chandler, Arizona in zip code 85225. My wife and I moved into Autumn Creek Apartments on the 1st Day of June 2005. We relocated to Chandler, AZ from Rio Rancho, NM a suburb of Albuquerque, NM to be able to move out and be on our own, we are a recently married young couple and we are looking to start our family in a great community that has everything we could ever want which is why we chose Chandler. I will detail the many issues we have had with the property since and prior to our move in.

Our first complaint was filed even before we moved into the apartment. One of the leasing agents named Lupe Campos was in charge of our pre-relocation paper work, including our past and present work and residence history. In our dealings with Lupe Campos on the phone since we were relocating from New Mexico, Lupe Campos was rude and accused us of falsifying the information we put on our application. We know that the information we put on the application was completely true. Further we found that any member of the staff at Autumn Creek had not contacted the people that she claimed that she had spoken with. This was verified by speaking to the people she claimed to have spoken to. (I.e. Employment verification, past resident history, and personal references) This had occurred many times. I then contacted management and informed them of the situation and requested that we be assigned another leasing agent. The manager Kimberly Gonzalez, then was able to approve our application with in hours and had also verified that Lupe Campos had not began our pre-relocation paper work.

Due to my disability (Type 1 – Diabetes) it is very hard for me to continually do anything physical, because I am prone to HRI or Heat Related Illnesses. Therefore when we moved we needed assistance, this time we were very fortunate enough to have my wife’s parents come along with us to help us move everything from the truck to the upstairs apartments.

Our second set of complaints came the day that we moved into our new apartment home June 1st, 2005. During our pre-move in inspection we filed complaints that 1) The stove and oven did not operate, 2) The dishwasher failed to dispense soap during its normal operation, 3) The toilets and sinks were clogged and did not operate correctly, and 4) A large visible bee hive was right outside our dining room window. We also stated in the pre-move in inspection paper work that we were unhappy with the condition of some of the apartments features (i.e. cracks in the sinks and Formica countertops, the condition of the linoleum, gaps in the walls along the floor, etc.) Our complaints were handled to their satisfaction but not to ours. The maintenance team said that the stove was not plugged in all the way. The stove appeared to be a later model and we requested a new unit be placed in our apartment, our request was denied, and later complaints were filed. The soap dispenser in the dishwasher is still inoperable and the maintenance team made no mention of the unit ever being worked on. The toilets were plunged and later complaints were filed. There was no mention of the apartment maintenance team ever working on the sinks and that lead to future complaints. An extermination team was called out for the beehive. The beehive was removed, however a smaller colony of bees returned shortly after which poses a health threat to my wife and I as we are allergic to the sting of a bee.


            Our third complaint was filed on an unknown date in June 2005. The toilet along with the sink in the master bedroom had clogged again preventing us from being able to use those facilities. The maintenance team made it out later that day and plunged the toilets and used a “liquid plumber” on the sink. By the end of the night things seamed to have been working correctly, however not for long, To this day I personally have to plunge the toilets at least weekly.


            Our fourth complaint was filed on Sunday the 25th day on June 2005. Since the apartment complex decided to close its offices on Sundays I had no other option but to contact the emergency maintenance team because our refrigerated air conditioning unit had failed to operate. Due to the heat created in the apartment because like any day in June in Phoenix the temperatures were in upwards of 110 degrees. My family, which was visiting from New Mexico along with, my wife and I had to vacate the apartment due to the heat indoors. We returned to our apartment later that day to see if the A/C unit had been repaired. We found a note from the maintenance team stating that the line had frozen because we were running the unit on a continuous basis. We did not appreciate being blamed for the malfunction of their equipment. As well the maintenance team had turned off the unit completely at the thermostat and the temperatures were still very high. I turned the A/C unit back on and we again had to vacate the apartment due to the heat that was indoors.  We returned later that night and found the conditions to be acceptable at best. The A/C to this day does not operate to our desired temperatures and on a hot day we have to keep additional fans running to keep it livable.


            Our fifth complaint was filed at and unknown date in early July of 2005. The master bathroom toilet had again become clogged and toilet water ran over onto the floor. The toilet was plunged again by the maintenance team and we were expected to clean up the “materials” after they left.


            Our sixth and one of more major complaints came on the 23rd day of July 2005. At approximately 11:00 PM the night prior we had a large rainstorm, we unknowingly had a rather major leak in the roof of our apartment. The rains fell into the ceiling of the kitchen of the apartment. The rain then fell into the lighting fixture in the kitchen filling the plastic “bubble” and causing it to crash to the floor shattering both bulbs and the plastic housing, and the lighting structure to hang by nothing other then its power cords. Parts of the drywall around where the hardware held the light up had rotted and collapsed to the floor. The rain that had already came into our apartment and additional rain that feel that evening flooded the kitchen and the rain was also absorbed into the carpet that was next to the kitchen area. We immediately called the maintenance team and they told us at that time all they could do was remove the light then have us clean up the plastic, glass, and rain and they would then return in the morning to see what further measures they could do remedy the situation. We were told the following morning that they could not do anything further until they could get a roofing team out to fix the roof. We were also told that the roofers could not do anything to the roof until it stopped raining and the roof dried. A week passed with continual rainfall and continual flooding of our kitchen and surrounding areas that we cleaned up nightly. After not hearing anything from the apartment complex we contacted to complain about the situation as well to notify them that there was mold and mildew now forming on the insulation that we could see through the holes in our ceiling. We feel that our complaint was disregarded because no action was taken about the mold or mildew. We were then told a day later the 31st day of July 2005 that the roofers were out and repaired the roof, so we could expect the maintenance team out to repair the dry wall and replace the lighting. Approximately two days later after hearing nothing again from the apartment complex the maintenance team came out to our apartment to replace the lighting unit. No drywall or insulation was removed and we know that the mold and mildew were still existent. The light was put up crooked and lopsided, parts of the rotten dry wall were still showing and the “bubbling” of the roof was also apparent. Pictures were taken and will be attached at the end of this letter.


            Our seventh complaint follows that evening that they replaced the lighting unit, the 2nd day of August 2005. The evening prior it rained again, I was in the kitchen looking in the refrigerator for a soda and at approximately 10:15PM the lighting fixture fell from the ceiling directly onto me hitting my back and knocking the wind out of me. After I was able to regain composure I woke my wife who was sleeping in the master bedroom. I had some back and side pain for the next 4 days. I was unable to seek medical attention because we are unable to afford health insurance right now as well as the apartment complex told me that it was not their fault and they could not be held responsible to any damages including to myself.  The maintenance team came out took down the light and removed the plastic and again left the flooding for us to clean up ourselves. We took more pictures and filed the report with the front office manager Kimberly Gonzalez the morning of the second. When speaking with Mrs. Gonzalez we were told that roofing problems are “hit and miss” and that we “will be lucky to get it fixed”. Then Kimberly Gonzalez offered to move us into another apartment (Number 1057). We regretfully declined because it was not the floor plan that we had chosen from the complex as well it was right near the front of the complex where the majority of the criminal activity seams to happen.  The apartment was down stairs with maybe seven to eight foot ceilings in certain areas, now both my wife and I are very tall people I am six foot six inches and she is five foot eleven inches and it was very uncomfortable for us. Our apartment is upstairs and has vaulted ceilings, which was one of the major reasons that we chose the apartment we are in now. As well there seamed to be a lot of what we thought was structural damage to the apartment and we did not want to move from one problem to another. Kimberly Gonzalez also offered us a $200 concession to “assist” with the moving after I told her about my disability.  The maintenance team came up and removed the lighting fixture and plastic and again left us to clean up the debris and flooding.  We then also filed another complaint about mold and mildew visible in the ceiling. Kimberly Gonzalez assured us that she would have a member of maintenance team go out to remove the bad and rotten sheet rock and insulation. When we returned home later that evening we found a hole cut into the ceiling in one place approximately 28 inches by 17 inches and the mold and mildew infested insulation still existed. We filed a complaint however no one ever came to check on the issue.


            Our eighth complaint was filed on the 6th of August 2005. The garbage disposal unit on the kitchen had become in operable and caused the sink to over flow because we were unable to drain the water from that side. This issue was fixed the next day.


Our ninth and most disgusting of complaints came at approximately 6:00 AM on Sunday the 7th of August. We were awoken at 6:00 AM by our neighbors below us complaining that they had sewage water “raining” from their ceiling and wanted to see if we were having any issues. After inspecting the apartment we found that water had leaked from the toilet down the hall into the guest bedroom and into the living and dining rooms. The water had to have been sewage water because the stench was nearly unbearable. We attempted to contact the apartment complex but the emergency maintenance team voice messaging service was unavailable. Fortunately enough our neighbors knew a couple of the maintenance team members personally and went to awake them as well to assist us with the issue. Nearly three hours later the maintenance team had shown up. At approximately 9:00 am a member of the maintenance team entered our apartment and stated that he had no idea what was going on. He then called for a carpet cleaner to come out to soak up the water, The carpet cleaners stated that they are unable to clean carpets when they are wet and then they installed a carpet fan to dry out the carpets. The maintenance team also told us that they would be back out on Monday to actually clean the carpets. Due to the smell we had to vacate our property for the day. Again being forced out of our home. We returned that evening and could barely stay because the apartment was unwilling to get us a hotel for the evening. Both my wife and I are feeling ill and we are convinced it is because of this. We stayed in the apartment Sunday night. My wife went to work Monday morning while I attempted to get the apartment to take responsibility and fix the problems. The carpet cleaners did not show on Monday. I went to the office and said that I will file a complaint with the main office unless something is done to help my wife and I. We asked for a hotel again but were told that they were not willing to assist us, and that the issue at hand is once again our fault. We are still waiting to hear what happened in the upstairs and downstairs apartments from the maintenance team. We keep being told that they do not know what is wrong. We attempted to cover the stench with odor masking candles and incense but yet it was still unbearable. The stench got so bad on Monday with the fact that the A/C unit was not working again, the thermometer that we keep in our apartment got as high as 92 degrees. We were forced to find somewhere else to stay for the night of Monday the 8th of August 2005. We paid $88.45 out of pocket to stay at an Extended Stay America, which was one of the lowest cost rooms we could find for the night. We as well had to take our dog with us because she was getting sick as well. 


August 9th 2005, we returned to our apartment to work on this letter, the stench is still so bad it is hard to be here, all windows are open and four electric fans are operating to circulate the air including the A/C.  Kimberly Gonzalez called the maintenance team to remove the rotten molded and mildew infested insulation. Pictures to show what they called a good removal of mold and mildew.


August 9th 2005, at approximately 10:00 AM a member of the maintenance team came up to our apartment to tell me that they still don’t know what the problem is regarding the toilet water in our carpet and the apartment below us. “The apartment complex is going to have a carpet cleaner up here today to clean your carpet and unless we find the source of the problem then we will not pursue it any further” is what I was told. At approximately 11:15 AM the carpet cleaning crew entered our apartment home and spent approximately 10 – 15 minutes going a general cleaning of the carpet. The smell still exists; we were told to give it until this evening and it would “more then likely” no longer be existent.


Our tenth complaint is now with Kimberly Gonzalez, We feel that she is not taking care of the situation and she is not providing us our rights as renters. She has become extremely ill tempered and rude to us, She has made it apparent to both my wife and I that she feels we have no idea what we are talking about and that we just have to deal with it until they decide to do something about it and she is not willing to give us any concessions regarding the rent. On the 8th of August 2005, my wife and I spoke with her separately. When I spoke to her she attempted to force the apartment that we had already told her we did not want on us again. As well she attempted to give me guilt because she has people that are more then willing to move in and we are just being ignorant for not taking the apartment. When my wife spoke with her she took Kimberly Gonzalez up to our apartment to show her how bad the conditions were. Kimberly Gonzalez examined the apartment briefly and told my wife that the conditions were not that severe and that everything seemed to be fine to her. When she examined the ceiling in the kitchen she stated that the maintenance crew had not removed the items she had specified but no real threat was apparent to her. She told my wife a crew would be up later that night to remove the remaining dry wall and insulation. When my wife asked what would be done about that night Kimberly Gonzalez informed her that she was unwilling to do anything about the situation and stated “ that is your problem. It is your choice whether you stay here tonight or not.” My wife then said that it was unreasonable to stay in the apartment as both my wife and I along with our animals were becoming sick and asked her if she would like to stay in the apartment since she felt there was no issue. Kimberly Gonzalez refused to answer.


Our eleventh complaint came early the 11th Day of August 2005. Our garbage disposal was not working again. When I returned home from my afternoon jog I found a member of the maintenance team working on replacing the unit. That was finally something we felt the apartment complex did correctly. However I found that the guest bathroom had begun to flood again. The maintenance man said that he just checked on it an noticed nothing.... HOW CAN YOU MISS A FLOOD!?!?!?! He then used our towels again to clean up the water and said everything was fine... Aparently not because again at aproximately 4 PM the main maintenance manager stormed into my apartment because the residents below us were complaining that there unit was flooding again as well... This time they actually did something about it. He said the hole line on the back of the toilet busted and he then replaced it. However before he left he again blamed the situation on me. This put me over the edge! He then had a carpet company come up to suck the water out of the carpets and placed another noisey carpet fan in our apartment. Hopefully this will be the end of that.


We have also filed numerous complaints with the security department at Autumn Creek Apartments. We have observed many domestic disturbances in our general community, People have no regard for the residents of the apartment because people will speed in their cars around the property and they will also blare their music in there cars with speakers so big that it shakes the walls and windows. The most important report we have filed with both the front office and the security patrol is that many people including our direct neighbors do not understand that they are sexually harassing my wife and I am sick and tired of it. The apartment complex has told us that they cannot do anything about this, and they refused to notify the neighbors for non-compliance to the community guidelines, which includes any type of harassment.  We have also reported our neighbors for starting a fire inside their apartment and then traveling it down stairs and stomping it out. Can management actually tolerate this?


We have also complained numerous times to the property about the condition of the common areas, the laundry facilities area not kept clean (i.e. dog urine and fesses on the floors, dust, used laundry, used fabric softeners, full trash cans, etc…) and this causes more strain on my wife and I because we have to take all of our laundry to another facility to wash our clothing when we were promised that convenience as part of our rental agreement.  The garbage is constantly over flowing because there are too few receptacles for renters to dispose of their trash properly, which in general can create another health hazard. The ponds that surround the area contain fish, on many occurrences we have reported dead floating fish and they will stay there for days at a time until they either sink or someone removes them.


We have a collection of approximately 33 pictures that show how spotless we usually keep our apartment we are not a dirty or annoying resident at all we have not had one complaint filed against us since we have moved in, As a matter of fact we have received compliments from our neighbors because we are so quiet and we don’t cause any commotions. We also have a collection of approximately 25 pictures we have taken to document these situations and we feel that we need to leave this complex because the management refuses to provide livable conditions and continue to ignore major health hazards to ourselves and the community, they really do not seam to care about us other then we pay the rent to them every 1st of the month. We fear for our safety as well because of the criminal activity that takes place here.  The bottom line is that we are concerned about Autumn Creeks Apartments negligence to maintenance, health and safety issues and their non-compliance to what we believe to be basic renters rights, we are just tired of being taken advantage of. We are willing to take this as far as necessary including to the local press and media groups if something is not done immediately. Thank you for allowing us to state our complaints and concerns.




Concerned Anonymous Residents


Copies of this letter and photographs have been forwarded to;

-          Bernard/Allison Management Services Inc.

-          City Of Chandler Housing Authorities.

-          City Of Chandler Environmental Services.

-          City Of Chandler Health Department.

-          An Attorney At Law to remain nameless at this time. 

-          State of Arizona Housing Authorities.

-          Local media and press.



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