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The Autumn Creek Disaster

Pictures Of Issues

The Autumn Creek Disaster

These are just some of the more recent problems we have had with the apartment complex. Click on the images to enlarge them.

The first time the kitchen light fell in.
These pictures show how the light was hanging on by its electrical cords and the amount of flood damage that occured.

July 23rd 2005

This is what they call a good removal of rotten and sagging drywall.
The hole that is now in our ceiling is about 28 inches by 17 inches.

July 31st, 2005

This is the second time the light fell.
This time the lighting fixture fell on me while I was in the kitchen.

August 2nd 2005

The pictures show the damage that was left behind by a broken water pipe in our apartment.
This  water had to be sewage because it made everyone in the apartment upstairs and down sick from the smell that still lingers in.

August 2nd 2005

The second set of pictures from that day.
These pictures show the source of the problem. Look at the water, It looks yellow to me...

August 7th 2005

This shows the removal of the mold and mildew infested insulation.
Well now that wasnt long at all to do what we asked now was it?

August 9th 2005

This set of pictures will show some mold and mildew we found.
We found this mold and mildew after we were moving some furnature around. This was reported to the management on Sunday the 14th of August.
August 14th 2005

This picture shows some drywall rot that we found while cleaning.
This picture shows drywall rot we found behind one of our book cases when we moved it to clean behind it.

August 15th 2005

This picture shows various stages of the ceiling drywall being replaced.
The bottom left hand photo shows that they left mold and mildew infested insulation in the ceiling and just patched it up.

August 16th 2005

This picture shows the mess left behind by the drywall contractor.
This is drywall joint compound that is all over our patio and some of our patio furnature.

August 16th 2005

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Remember YOU have rights regardless what they tell you, if you are having a problem too stand up for yourself!