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The Autumn Creek Disaster


The Autumn Creek Disaster

August 12th, 2005 - After sending our letter out to many people including the local TV station and newspaper, We received a letter from the apartment complex saying that they would be here on Monday the 15th to replace the drywall and insulation in the kitchen. However no apology for their delay or repayment for our hotel stays have been offered to this day.

August 13th 2005 - My wife and I were cleaning up the apartment, washing dishes, etc. When we noticed that the brand new garbage disposal unit that the complex had installed yesterday was not correctly installed and all the water we had run was now flooding inside under the sink and out onto our floors... When the repair man came to fix the problem he said that we had cloged it already and that we created the problem. We had not used the sink since the new disposal was installed.

August 14th, 2005 - While my wife and I were moving furnature around we found some carpet that had become infested with mold and mildew because the apartment complex did not clean the wet carpet as they were supposed to. For more information please see the "Pictures" portion of our web site. This was reported to Autumn Creek management on Sunday the 14th of August.

August 15th 2005 – At 3:00 PM the maintenance team manager came to our apartment to tell us that they will not be in today to repair the drywall and insulation in the kitchen. Their excuse was that the company they hired “was unable to make it out” to do the repairs. They also stated that the drywall company would be out first thing tomorrow morning between 8AM and 12 Noon to do the repairs. I asked them if they received a work order request for the mold we found in the carpet and they said they had not. So I showed them the area where we found a large amount of mold under where our coffee table used to be. The head maintenance man then stated it was not mold that it was a “furniture stain” and we were going to be held responsible for the damages because we did not move our furniture when the carpet company came in to clean the carpets. We were not told nor asked to move our furniture at that time, and we will be debating this with Autumn Creek Management. Further more upon moving a bookcase to dust and clean behind it we found some additional drywall rot where the flooding from the August 7th incident happened. I have reported this to management and will await their response. Please see the pictures section for more details.

August 16th, 2005 – Today was a very busy day here at our apartment. At approximately 8AM the maintenance team manager and the gentleman doing the drywall repair entered our apartment to begin the repair. He began to set up all of his equipment and taped plastic around our personal items to make sure they did not get dirty. At approximately 9AM I found that our toilet in the guest room had become clogged again. After cleaning up the water on the floor that had over flown I contacted the maintenance voice messaging system to request some one to come out and fix it. As well at about 9AM I also returned a voice message we received the night before to a Maricopa County environmental service’s inspector that had called. The gentleman was not at his desk at the time so I left him a voice message with a better time to call me back. At approximately 10AM after the drywall contractor had exposed more of the ceiling by cutting out the damage he had also exposed more insulation that had become rotted and has signs on mold and mildew. He then proceeded to cover it up rather then take it out. At approximately 11AM the contractor called the maintenance office to find out if he needed to leave room for an electrical box, as it was part of the Maricopa County housing code. After waiting nearly half an hour he continued on with the job because no one from our maintenance crew called him back. At approximately 1PM the drywall contractor finished his work and began to clean up and remove his equipment. In doing so the drywall contractor managed to track joint compound from the kitchen to the front door. I brought this to his attention and he said that if we let it sit long enough to dry and then run a vacuum cleaner over it, it will come right off the carpet. He then continued to leave the apartment. At approximately 1:30PM Kimberly Gonzalez and the entire maintenance team entered our apartment to examine the clogged toilet. Why does it take one manager and four maintenance team members to fix a toilet? The world may never know. After plunging and snaking the toilet and then making sure that it worked well they all left the apartment. Before they left I made sure with Kimberly Gonzalez that the carpet team would be out later to clean our “furniture stain”. And she then confirmed he would be out later this day. At approximately 4:30PM the carpet team arrived and reviewed the stains. He then pretreated the carpet and began to clean the carpet. He was able to get the drywall joint compound at the same time. The gentleman was able to remove most of the “furniture stain” but there is still a small area that is affected with a stain. As he left I noticed that the drywall contractor left a mess outside our front door in the concrete. There is additional drywall joint compound all over the floor. I will post pictures with various notations through out the day so please visit the pictures section.

August 17th 2005 – The maintenance team entered our apartment at approximately 10AM to paint the ceiling and replace the light in the kitchen area. Other then the ceiling looking like they had done the worlds worst patch job we cannot complain. As well at approximately 2:00PM that afternoon I had met up with an inspector with the Maricopa County Environmental Service Department after a short in home conference with the inspector I was assured that they would do what ever they could to get the apartment community to be more responsible for their actions. I was also told I would receive a copy of the investigation report.


August 18th 2005 – The master bathroom’s toilet has now begun to overflow. I called the apartment at 8:30AM before they had opened to report this issue and to request a maintenance request on their voice message machine. Upon returning to the apartment at approximately 2:30PM I noticed that nothing had been done to remedy the situation I called the front office and spoke with Kimberly Gonzales and told her how unhappy I was that they are being negligent with these issues. She then informed me that because we were having so many issues she was going to have a professional plumber to come out and take a look. I had to leave to continue my errands for the day, when we got home late that evening they stated that they had entered the apartment to repair the toilets.


August 19th 2005 – We got home today at about 5:30PM and we have a notice that the apartment complex has sent us a certified letter and we have to go sign for it at the main post office in Chandler. I wonder what’s going on…

Remember YOU have rights regardless what they tell you, if you are having a problem too stand up for yourself!